Finding Out

We were married, had returned home from our honeymoon, and we were ready to start trying for a baby! As my ovulation week approached, as per the Ovia app, I started to use ovulation predictor kits to help be more certain about when I was ovulating. Ovulation predictor kits, if you are not familiar with them, are test strips similar to a pregnancy test that detect the luteinizing hormone (LH) in your urine. There is a surge in your LH levels about 12 – 36 hours before you ovulate, therefore the tests tell you when you are about to ovulate/most fertile.

By using the resources of the app and the kits, it is predicted that I ovulated on or about July 22nd. To be brief, because I think we all know how this works, my husband and I only “tried” two days during my ovulation period. So we do know that we conceived on either July 20th or 22nd.

Because I am the way I am and had done extensive research about family planning and trying to conceive, I came across many stories of how torturous the “two week wait” is (the two weeks you are supposed to wait between your ovulation date and taking a test). It wasn’t so bad the first few days, but then the impatience definitely started to kick in. You start symptom spotting, psyching yourself out about whether you think this will be the month or not, and it can become all you think about during those two weeks. To keep track of what was happening, I took notes of my symptoms:

* (DPO=Days Past Ovulation)

July 25 (3 DPO)
some slight cramping on and off all day

July 26 (4 DPO)
dull cramps in my lower abdomen again, stomach keeps feeling empty but I don’t feel hungry

July 29 (7 DPO)
not much happening the past few days, today having some sharp pain below belly button and cramping

July 30 (8 DPO)
a lot of mild lower abdomen cramping, gassy

July 31 (9 DPO)
little bit of pelvic area sharp pains in late afternoon, cramping a lot in evening, gassy at night, feeling hot these past couple of days/hot flashes

August 1 (10 DPO)
more pelvic cramping, boobs starting to get a little sore and seem fuller, feeling hot still, having crazy dreams

August 2 (11 DPO)
sharp pain in right ovary region, a little cramping, feeling sharp twinges in left ovary/pelvic region, most on right side today

August 3 (12 DPO)
sharp pain in right ovary region, right boob is more sore too

We had originally planned to test two weeks after our predicted ovulation date, which would have been Saturday August 5th, however I convinced my husband to let me test early. He didn’t think it was a good idea to test early, because he felt that if the result was negative just because it was too early to tell, we would get upset even if we really were pregnant and it just wasn’t detectable yet. Probably smart thinking, but I was too impatient and had a strong feeling it would be positive. We took a pregnancy test on Thursday August 3rd.

I first used a Wondfo test strip (cheap brand purchased from Amazon). I collected a urine sample into a cup, we dipped the test strip, and left it laying flat on the bathroom sink for a couple of minutes as the directions instructed. A few long minutes later, we checked the test and it had two lines which meant positive! I got super excited right away! I immediately started saying “OMG its positive!” and tears began strolling down my face. My husband, who of course isn’t super familiar with how these tests work, was not convinced at first since the test line was more faint than the control line. I tried to explain to him that it’s okay if it’s faint, it still means positive, but since I had some ClearBlue digital tests as well, we decided to take one of those too. So to make him a believer, we dipped the second test in the same urine sample, waited a few minutes, checked the test result and it said pregnant. He was convinced this time.

We were both very surprised that we got pregnant as quickly as we did. We hoped that it would be that way and that we wouldn’t have any issues, however we know that there are so many women/couples who struggle to get pregnant, and we are just so very thankful that it was easy for us. And so the adventure began.

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