First Trimester Recap | Weeks 4-12

* I will be writing about the full extent of my experiences, and some information in these posts may be TMI

The first trimester was something I do not miss. Although many women may read this post and roll their eyes because I had it much “easier” than a lot of other women, it was still rough on me. No, I didn’t have any morning sickness, but I definitely didn’t feel good. No matter how much I tried to mentally prepare myself for all of the symptoms that were about to come on, the changes to my body were a shock for sure. The rapid increase of hormones set my anxiety and emotions through the roof. For a little while I did not have an appetite at all. I certainly did not have any cravings the entire 12 weeks. Nothing sounded appetizing and I had to basically force feed myself, yet I felt crappy all of the time because I wasn’t eating enough, which was causing me to lose a small amount of weight each week. What a vicious cycle.

I ate very bland foods which worried me that I wasn’t getting enough of a balanced diet to remain healthy. Though, my midwife reassured me not to worry too much about getting all of the food groups right now, just to mainly just eat what I can. I mainly ate cereal, toast/bagels, fruits, eggs, peanut butter, and Panera mac and cheese whenever I was feeling adventurous. Which didn’t last long because I didn’t like eating hot foods. I liked cold fruit, smoothies, yogurt, and things like that.

With not feeling well and my anxiety heightened, I was so anxious about how long pregnancy lasts, and I was afraid to feel so crappy for a whole nine months. I cried a lot. Just because I wasn’t feeling good physically and mentally and I wanted it to pass. I would wake up every couple of hours at night, sometimes not being able to fall back asleep for a little while. Your body goes through an immense amount of changes and everything was just off. I remember saying to my husband “I don’t see how I could do this again”, but seriously looking back it was so silly of me to say that because it truly could have been much worse and the days of not feeling good were over before I knew it. I really think the mental changes took a bigger toll on me than the physical. I do think without the anxiety I would have felt ten times better. I think a lot of it was in my head, which if you’ve dealt with anxiety, you know it isn’t something you can easily just “turn off”. I actually talked to my midwife about the anxiety I was having, and she said anxiety is very common during pregnancy. Not only does it tend to pick up for women who already experience it, but can even occur during pregnancy for women who do not have pre-existing anxiety. So if you are someone who is pregnant and dealing with a lot of anxiety, just know that you are not alone.

However, by weeks 10-11 the hormones started to level out and I began to get into the swing of things and figure out what works for me. I started to feel much better and by the end of the first trimester I was just beginning to pick the weight back up. Overall, my biggest advice for dealing with first trimester symptoms would be to just take things day by day. Do what works for you. When I wasn’t sleeping through the night, I slept on the couch in our living room so that I could watch tv when I couldn’t sleep and wouldn’t wake my husband up. I also liked being close to the kitchen so that I could grab a snack if my stomach started to bother me. Remember that it will pass.


Further Notes + Tips about my first trimester:

Main first trimester symptoms: sore breasts, anxiety, trouble sleeping, lack of appetite

Prenatal Vitamins I took: Rainbow Light Prenatal One

Tips for nausea: I tried crackers, nausea bands, and Preggy Pop Drops – However nothing really worked that well for me because I don’t think I could really classify my symptom as nausea. I think I just didn’t feel good due to always having an empty stomach. Snacking on crackers or pretzels helped to keep food in my stomach though, however I did get tired of eating them, and the Preggy Pops helped my sugar level, but I think that was about the extent of their aid for me.

Other things that helped: drinking lots of water, frequent snacking, loose clothing – there was a lot of pajama wearing during those first couple of months

Things I did to stay healthy: taking prenatals, washing hands frequently (knowing that your immune system is down when you are pregnant, I was a freak about keeping my hands clean so that I hopefully wouldn’t get sick, especially because I was pregnant going into the fall/winter cold/flu season)


Symptoms/Weekly Notes:

Week 4: Found out, sore boobs, weight 133.8
Week 5: sore boobs, weight 133.2
Week 6: acne, anxiety, didn’t feel good, first doc apt (8/23, basic checkup, physical, urine sample, vaginal exam to feel my uterus + lots of info about the pregnancy process), weight 132.9, lightheaded sometimes – midwife says need to make sure I drink enough water,
Week 7: still having to force myself to eat most of the time, mornings and late evenings are hard with an empty stomach, weight 132.4
Week 8: sore leg muscles (not working out), weight 131.6
Week 9: heartburn, first sonogram (9/11) + had my blood work done (9/7) – showed low platelet levels (went back up when retested couple weeks later – midwife says just happens sometimes with pregnancy, will check one more time later in pregnancy), weight 131
*first sonogram was Transvaginal, baby’s heartbeat: 172 beats per minute, baby’s measurement: 2.3 cm, he was wiggling around – has been super active from the very beginning! Saw small ovarian cyst that is common and they were not concerned about
Week 10: can feel uterus pushing on bladder more, ringing in right ear at night for a few days in a row, sore muscles, weight 131
Week 11: I can tell there is a tiny little baby bump, diarrhea, weight 130.6
Week 12: announced to social media, gas/gas cramps, diarrhea, mild headaches daily especially at night, ringing in ears at night still, weight 131.2 (this was when my weight started to pick up)

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