Pregnancy Update | Weeks 13-20

So far and overall, the second trimester has been good to me! I am definitely enjoying it more than the first trimester, and things have become much more exciting! Throughout weeks 13-20 we heard our little one’s heartbeat for the first time, found out the gender, and felt the first kicks.

With not too many symptoms occurring, I have been feeling pretty great, and the worst part of these weeks were back pain and a sinus infection. On the bright side, at least they happened at separate times. I got a sinus infection during week 15 which was toward the end of October. I was actually surprised to find out my diagnosis was a sinus infection, considering my sinuses weren’t really what was bothering me. My main symptoms were a fever and a terribly bad headache. I’m talking the worst headaches I’ve ever experienced. My head felt like it was throbbing and the pain would wake me up at night. Not to mention, being sick when you’re pregnant is tough because there are only certain medicines you can take.

Just a couple of weeks after the sinus infection passed, during my 18th and 19th weeks of pregnancy, I had awful back pain. I woke up one morning, hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet, and it was just there. It hit me like ton of bricks. The pain was so bad and I was in such shock that I was almost in tears. I was groaning in pain and all I could really do was sit there, trying to place my body in different positions until it passed. This pain lasted about two weeks, varying in intensity and coming and going throughout each day. I think the worst part of it was not knowing what was causing it, not being able to relieve it, and not knowing how long it would last. Just like the sinus infection headaches, this back pain would also wake me up throughout the night so I wasn’t getting good sleep on top of it all. I was tested for a kidney infection and kidney stones – that was not the case, and although heating pads and ice packs were somewhat of a relief, they didn’t help substantially. Again, this too did pass. Thank God!

Okay let’s move on to the fun stuff! November 15, at 18 weeks and 6 days pregnant, was the date of our Anatomy Ultrasound. It was so amazing to not only find out we’re having a BOY(!), but to see his cute little facial features, watch him move around, and see how he is developing. Everything went very well at the appointment and seeing him made my love grow for him even more. It was such an overwhelming feeling – I can’t even imagine how it will feel to have him in my arms.

I started to also feel fluttering around 18 weeks, and the first definite kick felt from the outside of my belly was felt on November 24! I was 20 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Once feeling his movement started, it has by far been my favorite aspect of pregnancy. I love feeling him moving and kicking. Another thing I love about being being able to feel him move is that I am reassured every day that he is okay. Pregnancy can be really scary and nerve-wracking, so any kind of confirmation that everything is going well is a blessing.

Time to talk about the belly! I have absolutely loved seeing my belly grow. I know all women handle their changing bodies differently, and so far I have experienced a couple of different emotions at some point or another. There was one week specifically that I was feeling emotional about my body changing. I was having a hard time feeling attractive to my husband, as well as thinking about how greatly these alterations will affect my body postpartum. I’ve realized, though, that not only are these changes so worth it, but I also try to remind myself that this is temporary. With high hopes, I tell myself that my body can look very similar to how it was pre-pregnancy. Overall, I really try to embrace the bump! I like to wear clothes that show it off rather than try to conceal it. Besides, I feel much more confident wearing more form fitting clothes anyway, because then you can see my waistline. I don’t know about you all, but I tend to look much larger when I wear looser clothing.


Symptoms/Weekly Notes:

Week 13: heard baby’s heartbeat for first time at doctor’s appointment, acne seems to be clearing up a little bit, longer and darker peach fuzz on body especially jawline, increased appetite, waking up at least once at night, weight 133.2
Week 14: emotional, weight 135.4
Week 15: sinus infection, appetite back down – just not hungry most of the time, not sleeping well, very restless, lots of muscle aches (symptoms may be from being sick), weight 131.6 (not sure if accurate reading – seems low)
Week 16: slightly swollen ankles for first time, weight 134.8
Week 17: doctor’s appointment, midwife said lack of weight gain is fine for now – they start to care more about weight gain at 20 weeks, suggested try snacking more throughout the day and making sure to get proteins, I was emotional and paranoid before today’s appointment that something was wrong but the heartbeat was strong, cold symptoms, weight 135.8
Week 18: bad back pain in one area, anatomy ultrasound, weight 134
Week 19: back pain continued, weight 137
Week 20: felt kicks from outside of belly for first time, tired, belly getting itchy, weight 137.8

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