Pregnancy Update | Weeks 21-27

A lot of mainly small things occurred during these weeks – nothing too major, like the illness and pain I experienced in my previous Pregnancy Update. My weight has really picked up, as I gained about 18 pounds just in these 7 weeks. I’m hoping that my weight gain will start to slow down in the third trimester so that I don’t gain too much. I’ve done a little bit of prenatal pilates at home and walking at a local park, but I’ve have yet to stick to a consistent schedule. I’m also going to try to be more careful about what and how much I am eating. My midwives haven’t yelled at me yet, so I think I’m still in the clear, hehe.

I’m still feeling pretty great overall, with some new uncomfortable body changes like mild back pain and upper rib pain, that each started around week 26. Braxton Hicks contractions have also made an appearance. Some days I don’t notice any at all, but most days I will usually feel a few – typically an average of 4-5 per day.

Wearing a bra is more uncomfortable than ever. I don’t know why, but I can’t stand wearing a bra lately, even if it doesn’t have underwire. It’s just so uncomfortable and ain’t nobody got time for that! (Although lets be real, I still have to wear them when going out of the house). However a nice comfy sports bra that isn’t too tight is definitely the way to go and my personal recommendation.

Baby’s kicks/movements have become much bigger and more frequent. A couple of times, my husband has laid his face against my belly and gotten a kick/punch to the cheek or ear. I am completely loving the feeling of his movements, and I love the moments of just laying around with my husband with our hands on my belly. It’s a way for us to not only talk to and bond with our unborn son, but also for us to bond as a couple.

Physical Changes – My belly button has stretched out a lot and continues to become more shallow. I have slight stretch marks on under side of both boobs. Seems like a strange place to get them, in my opinion. Has anyone else gotten stretch marks there? I’m not worried about them though – they will either go away or never be seen by anyone else, so who really cares. I don’t have other stretch marks anywhere else so far. I have been using Belly Butter and Tummy Butter to help keep my belly and boobs moisturized. The tummy butter also specifically acts as a treatment for stretch marks. I used to only use the Burt’s Bees Belly Butter on my belly and sides, but now that my belly is getting bigger and my skin is stretching more, I have started alternating moisturizing my belly with the Palmer’s Tummy Butter as well, hoping it will help prevent stretch marks. It is definitely a more oily formula, whereas the Burt’s Bees is a thicker lotion that melts into the skin, so I like to put the Palmer’s on at night before bed and wear a loose t-shirt.

My belly is growing and getting more round, and I am more noticeably pregnant to those who don’t know me. My legs, especially thighs, are a bit thicker, and my face has that wonderful pregnancy roundness to it.

My feet start to hurt more easily if I am on them for a little while, but it isn’t a very common occurrence.

I’ve had some slight swelling in my hands, which started around week 25. I try to keep an eye on it so that my rings don’t get stuck on my finger! I haven’t noticed any swelling in my feet or ankles in a while, so I’m curious to see when that will really start for me.

Small red bumps have popped up from my chest down the center of my stomach to my belly button. They are sometimes mildly itchy, but usually don’t bother me much.

Symptoms/Weekly Notes:

Week 21: appetite picking up still, Braxton Hicks contractions started, weight 142.2
Week 22: emotional, a lot of congestion, heartburn, weight 145
Week 23: reflux, weight 146.2
Week 24: jaw pain for a couple of days, on and off ringing in right ear, weight 148
Week 25: heartburn, reflux, rib pain started, face/acne getting much clearer, baby had hiccups for first time!, weight 151
Week 26: clear & smooth face, noticed very faint linea negra, feeling anxious/nervous/emotional, tired, reflux, belly measured 26cm at midwife appointment on Jan. 5, weight 153.8
Week 27: reflux lessening, round ligament pain, weight 155.4

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