Feeling Nostalgic & Relfecting

Within the last year, I’ve started to keep a journal that I enjoy to write in about significant experiences, or to even just reflect on how I’m feeling. I thought I’d share what I wrote this evening, to give a little glimpse into my “diary”.

” Tonight my ‘pajama’ shirt of choice is a tshirt I got at a Kenny Chesney concert that Grant and I attended together in June of 2011. We were both just 18 years old. Almost 7 years later I’m wearing this shirt still, except now I have a big ole pregnant belly that hardly fits underneath.

Tonight I’m reminded again of what a journey our relationship has been. With these extra hormones, I often find myself feeling emotional or nostalgic – Right now I’m a bit of both. It’s an overwhelming feeling to reflect on the past (almost) 8 years we’ve been together and the development of our relationship. It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come.

Tonight I’m so in love with my husband and this life we’ve built together. It’s been a crazy road of ups and downs and we’ve worked hard to get where we are today. With there being no true ‘perfection’, everything is perfect to me in my little life at the moment.

Tonight I’m basking in my little piece of heaven. 

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